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Women file another lawsuit against AG Curtis Hill for sexual misconduct

Author: staff; Published: 10:35 AM EDT July 28, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — Four women who have accused Attorney General Curtis Hill of sexual misconduct have filed another lawsuit against him for his actions at the end of the 2018 legislative session.

Plaintiffs Niki DaSilva, Samantha Lozano, Gabrielle McLemore, and Mara Candelaria Reardon filed a lawsuit in federal court against Hill in June 2019, saying he groped them. A federal judge subsequently dismissed the suit, saying the allegations didn’t meet the legal standard to establish a violation of federal law.

The plaintiffs filed the latest lawsuit in a Marion County court. They say their lives and careers have suffered because of Hill’s actions. Candelaria Reardon is a state representative, DaSilva and Lozano were legislative assistants at the time of the incident, and McLemore was a communications director. Lozano is still a legislative assistant, according to the civil complaint.

The lawsuit said the plaintiffs were at a party celebrating the end of the legislative session in May 2018 when the misconduct occurred. Hill told the women they’ve “got to show a little skin” to get a drink, inappropriately touched them, and made unwanted sexual advances.

In October 2018, special prosecutor Dan Sigler declined to file charges against Hill, saying he found the accusations credible, but could not reach a burden of proof. Sigler said there was “insufficient evidence of Hill’s intent to touch the victims in a rude, insolent or angry manner to constitute a battery, and a lack of evidence of force with respect to the statutory requirements of sexual battery.”

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