Attorney Referral Request Form

The National Crime Victim Bar Association maintains a nationwide network of attorneys who are dedicated to helping victims of crime rebuild their lives through the Civil Justice system. If you are the victim of a crime and are interested in receiving a referral for a civil attorney, please complete the form below.

Upon receiving your responses to the questionnaire, we will review the information you provide and do our best to provide you with an appropriate attorney referral within 5-7 business days. If we are unable to refer you to an attorney in your area, we will be happy to provide you with alternate resources for you to consider. Please know that your privacy is extremely important to us. Any information you provide will be kept strictly confidential and will only be released to the attorney to whom we refer you. 

Sometimes, we are simply unable to refer a case to one of our attorneys. If we are unable to refer your case, and you choose to pursue another attorney, please click here for important things you should know before retaining an attorney.

Please note, in Ohio, the National Crime Victim Bar Association is known as the NCVBA Attorney Referral Lawyer Referral Service. Additionally, this service is certified as a lawyer referral service as required by the state of Texas under Chapter 952, Occupations Code.

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