Kevin Spacey’s ‘Sanitized’ Version of 1986 Sex Abuse Can’t End Lawsuit, Accuser Says


Anthony Rapp is pushing back against Kevin Spacey’s recent demand that Rapp’s sex abuse lawsuit be terminated on the grounds that his alleged 1986 assault wasn’t serious enough to qualify for revival under the Child Victim’s Act.

In a new court filing obtained by Rolling Stone, Rapp rejects Spacey’s March 4 assertion that the law “requires” a plaintiff to allege “squeezing, grabbing or pinching of a sexual or other intimate part” for sexual gratification or abuse in order to invoke the CVA and overcome an otherwise expired statute of limitations.

Rapp and his lawyers argue in the new filing that Rapp’s “extensive testimony” claiming Spacey “grazed” and touched his buttocks while picking him up and putting him on a bed while he was a “14-year-old child” and the American Beauty actor was a 26-year-old “grown man” is enough to send the case to trial. As precedent, they cite two New York state cases where men were convicted of third-degree sex abuse for walking up to women on subway cars and “brushing” or “grazing” their buttocks with outstretched hands for the purpose of sexual gratification. Both cases were held up on appeal.

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