Attorney Referral Service Membership (Panel membership only)

Terms of Membership

To be eligible for Regular or New lawyer membership to the National Crime Victim Bar Association, you must be a practicing attorney representing Victims of Crime in Civil Litigation.  Regular/New Lawyer Membership in the NCVBA includes access and use of the NCVBA national list serv. By joining the NCVBA – you agree to the following:

  1.   You will not allow others, even within your firm,  to use the list serve subscription.
  2.   You understand that materials exchanged on the list serve are intended for exclusive use of NCVBA members representing victims of crime in civil actions.
  3.   You further agree that you will not furnish materials/information you receive from the listserv to any other person not assisting in your specific case, except as required under law or to a defendant, defense interest, or defense attorney.
Unless you notify us that you wish to terminate your membership, your membership shall be renewed automatically each year. The payment method you have provided will be automatically charged one year after your registration date to renew your membership.