Nine new lawsuits filed against Archdiocese of Newark

UNION COUNTY, NJ — On July 13, attorneys from the law firms of Jeff Anderson & Associates and Gianforcaro Law, on behalf of numerous plaintiffs, filed nine lawsuits for childhood sexual abuse within the Archdiocese of Newark. The cases, brought under the New Jersey Child Sexual Abuse Act / New Jersey Victims’ Rights Bill, identify seven alleged child abusers formerly assigned within the archdiocese. 

“These complaints seek to expose clerical sexual predators who have lived and worked among us in secrecy,” attorney Greg Gianforcaro said in a press release. “These survivors’ brave actions will bring accountability and consequences upon the predators, as well as the institutions and their officials who have concealed and harbored known predators for decades without any regard for the safety of children in their care.”

As of July 13, the two law firms have filed a total of 18 lawsuits against the Archdiocese of Newark. 

“The recent actions taken by New Jersey lawmakers to expand statute of limitations laws for survivors of sexual abuse created a window of justice which now grants these survivors access to the civil justice system, instills accountability and will prevent children from becoming victims of sexual abuse in the future,” Gianforcaro said.

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