Our Programs

In addition to membership details and benefits, The Bar Association’s offers three distinct programs for member attorneys participation:

Attorney Referral Service

Attorneys can enter into a referral contract with the National Crime Victim Bar Association to receive referrals from crime victims.

NCVBA conducts intake on a victim referral service provided at no cost to victims nationwide to connect victims with our member attorneys.

The NCVBA seeks to build relationships with local organizations to promote the attorney referral service and litigation for crime victims in the civil justice system.

In 2018, NCVBA attorney members received almost 2,000 referrals from NCVBA staff for over 800 victims that were referred through this service.

Civil Justice Seminars

Educated victim service providers are a key to raising awareness among victims about their civil justice rights and NCVBA offers full day trainings for crime victim service providers. These trainings are offered for free to victim service providers and victim-focused organizations.

We invite our members to co-sponsor these presentations with us. Members have found that the opportunity to present to victim advocates is invaluable and often times leads to outstanding partnerships with victim service organizations.​

To learn more about civil justice seminars, and view our upcoming calendar, visit here.

Conference and Training

The National Crime Victim Bar Association (NCVBA) National Conference provides essential, cutting-edge information on current legal subjects, as well as offers important resources and litigation strategies that attorneys need to best represent crime victims. NCVBA members receive a $50 discount on conference registration.

Held in conjunction with the National Training Institute of the National Center for Victims of Crime, this annual gathering brings together up to 1,000 victim advocates, civil attorneys, criminal justice professionals, and law enforcement officers to share their knowledge and experience across disciplines.