Legal Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

By completing the NCVBA Legal Clinic Interest Form, you are indicating that you are interested in participating in the legal clinic. Once your form is received, NCVBA staff will assess the information you provided and do their best to invite you to the legal clinic. If invited to attend the virtual legal clinic, NCVBA staff will contact you within 5-7 business days with a save the date and the mandatory release form that you must complete and return to NCVBA within 2 business days in order to register for the Zoom meeting for the clinic. If NCVBA is unable to invite you to the legal clinic, staff will alert you and will be happy to provide you with alternative resources for you to consider.
If you are invited to attend the legal clinic, NCVBA staff will send you a release form to be completed and returned to NCVBA within 2 business days. Provided that NCVBA has your completed release form on file, staff will send you an email with instructions for the Zoom meeting registration. It is important to register for this meeting and to keep the information available, as this is what will allow to you access the clinic the day of.
The first NCVBA legal clinic will be held on Saturday, July 24th, 2021. If you are unavailable on July 24th, we will be hosting another legal clinic in October 2021.
NCVBA will review the Legal Clinic Interest Form to assess whether the clinic can be an effective resource for the applicant. Most submissions will be approved to participate in the clinic and speak to an attorney. However, it is important to note that the purpose of the clinic is to have an opportunity to speak with an attorney and receive legal advice only. Speaking with an attorney during the clinic does not guarantee legal representation in you case.

If you are having issues with the form, please reach out to our Staff Attorney Gabby Alessi-Friedlander at