‘Heartbreaking’ abuse detailed in wrongful death lawsuit

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By Stephen Gallien

A wrongful death lawsuit over a 19-month-old homicide victim lays out her final 16 days on earth. The grandmother of Davena Hinton filed the wrongful death suit in Tuscaloosa County. Hinton died July 29 of blunt force trauma following two different visits to hospitals for apparent abuse-related injuries.

The first occurred on July 13 when the 19-month-old suffered burns on her right hand after being left alone with her mother’s boyfriend.

She was treated at hospitals in both Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, who each reported suspicions that the child had been abused and neglected. Eleven days later, the child suffered severe head trauma after again being left with the mother’s boyfriend, Felix Tabb.

Davena Hinton died July 29 after being removed from life-support.

The lawsuit names the child’s mother, Tabb, Alabama DHR, the DHR Commissioner, the Director of the Tuscaloosa County Department of Human Resources, and a Tuscaloosa County Department of Human Resources caseworker as defendants.

The lawsuit alleges that DHR failed to take appropriate action to protect the child and instead left the child with her mother.

“DHR should have removed Davena from this dangerous situation. It is incomprehensible that she was allowed to stay where she had already suffered such horrific, unexplained injuries,” said attorney Tommy James, who is representing the child’s paternal grandmother. “These workers are paid with our tax dollars to protect children like Davena and yet they did nothing. Her death is heartbreaking and it should never have happened.”

Tabb was arrested on a Capital Murder charge. He remains in the Tuscaloosa County jail without bond. His case has been bound over to a grand jury.

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